How we source our products

We’re obsessed with empowering you with the best products and tips on your wellness journey.
As a result, every product on our digital shelf takes a long journey before making it here.


Step 1: Get intimate with the brand

Before picking a product, we take a deep dive into the company behind it. Do they implement sustainable processes? Do their values align with ours?

Step 2: Review what’s inside

Not all ingredients are made equal. And some just aren’t that great. Once we feel good about a brand, we carefully look over the ingredients used in the products we want to source. Anything that isn’t sourced responsibly or cleanly, or contains some of our banned ingredients, doesn’t make the cut. For a full list of these ingredients, check out our Banned Ingredients list.

Step 3: Testing it out

When a product makes it this far, we order it for ourselves to test it out! We also have our friends and families join in on the fun to ensure the product works for different types of people. If our family loves it and we love it, we think you’ll love it too.

Step 4: Meet the Brand

We’re all about honesty and transparency, which is why we meet with the brand before offering their products to you. If we love a product, we set aside time to meet with the suppliers and hear all about their story. We like to go deep in the details and explore the who, what, where, when, why, and how of each product. This step also gives us the opportunity to get in-depth training on proper product use so that we’re well-equipped to help you.