Lake + Oak Tea Co. Sun Mylk - Turmeric Latte Adaptogen Blend



A super delicious turmeric latte blend with the added benefits from adaptogens maca + ashwagandha.

Perfect for after meals or for your nighttime wind-down ritual.

Ingredients have shown to help:
- reduce inflammation
- boost metabolism
- improve the body’s ability to manage stress
- elevate energy and mood
- combat free radicals and support cellular regeneration

Tasting Notes: Warming spices with sweetness from cinnamon and nutmeg.


Latte: Whisk 3/4 tsp Sun Mylk with 1 tsp maple syrup + a splash of water to make a paste.  Add 1 cup of warm milk and whisk to dissolve.

Smoothie: Blend Sun Mylk into your smoothies for a flavour + nutrient boost. 

Oats: Stir Sun Mylk into your oats + chia pudding for a flavour + nutrient boost.

Disclaimer: The information found on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease or illness. Please seek the advise of a health care professional before consuming any herbs or superfoods especially if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medication.

Organic Turmeric*, Organic Cinnamon*, Organic Ginger*, Organic Ashwagandha*, Organic Maca*, Organic Nutmeg*, Organic Black Pepper*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

*Organic Ingredients.