Cori Stores – Coming Soon

Cori stores will be sprouting up all over Toronto this year, where we will carry cannabis products and cannabis accessories. Whether you’re looking for information, education, or a cannabis community that feels like home, Cori is for you.

Cori is a store where community, education and cannabis all coexist in one store. Inspired by nature and herbs, Cori stores will be warm and welcoming incorporating natural elements of wood and plants into the store design. 

We know that wellness is personal - what works for me, may not work for you. We are all at different stages of our wellness journeys and our needs vary. To help guide you in store, we will be categorizing our products by four wellness routines: restore, relax, revive and rejuvenate. We want you to come into our store as you are and ask any questions you may have. Our budtenders will be your wellness guides, always available to help you find the right products to meet your wellness goals.

If you’re someone who would prefer to learn on your own, that works too.  There will be areas to learn more about cannabis through our tablets as well as educational content throughout the store. 

If you’re already an expert and just want to pick up what you need, you can seamlessly do this at our express check-out.

We will carry a wide variety of cannabis products and accessories to meet your wellness needs. Due to regulation, we will only be able to provide cannabis at our physical storefronts and will not be able to sell our other wellness products alongside our cannabis products. Our other wellness products will continue to be sold through our wellness e-commerce site. 

We will always strive to provide you with a holistic approach to wellness because it’s not just cannabis that will make you well, it’s a combination of many things.

If you’re curious about cannabis and wellness we cannot wait to see you in our store.