Bureau of Cannabis Consuming Ladies (BCCL)

Are you cannabis-curious but not sure where to start? We understand completely.

There are so many sources of information out there, and people use cannabis for so many reasons: medically, socially, and everything in between. 

But no matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, dispensaries you visit, or events you go to, we all respond differently to the plant and it takes trial and error to know what’s best for you. We went through this cannabis info deep dive ourselves and still found that we still had questions.

That got us thinking.

We started thinking about how people make decisions around buying, and trying, something new. We know it’s easier to try something when someone recommends it, or when you have the chance to experience it with others. It all comes down to trust and comfort.

And we want to facilitate more of those feelings and occasions.

So, we started the Bureau of Cannabis-Consuming Ladies.

The BCCL is an initiative by Cori that provides a comfortable and private space to learn together. It’s an event-series where curious new users can experience cannabis and learn from the experts. Whether you’re struggling to organize everything you’ve researched, or don’t even know where to start, the Bureau of Cannabis-Consuming Ladies is for you.


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Next event: Cannabis 2.0 Workshop brought to you by BCCL, on Thu, March 12, 2020